Ask a Biologist

Any stray questions about biology? Comment here, and I’ll answer some!


Note: I am not a doctor (medical or otherwise for now). I cannot give medical advice.


2 thoughts on “Ask a Biologist

  1. Regarding chromosome shape: a Y is an X with one less leg. What happens if the Y loses one leg to be an I? Can an X gain a leg or two (or four and be an octopus)? Is this junk DNA or what happens if this happens to an organism, either in fetal development or in later life?

  2. So I know that donkeys are the result of breeding a horse and a mule, and you can also have a liger (lion plus tiger). How far apart in the genetic code or evolutionary lineage does this go? Can I combine (in a test tube fertilization of some sort) say,.. A horse and an elephant for a stronger, larger animal with ivory hooves? Can I combine a horse with … A narwhal and get an aquatic unicorn?

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