Welcome to my newest adventure…BLOGGING!

You may be asking: Who are you? Are you seeking fame and riches? Will your writing revolutionize my understanding of the natural world?

I understand if you’re not asking those questions. But I’ll answer them anyways.

  1. I’m a graduate student studying molecular biology, specifically gene regulation. I’m especially interested in brain development, RNA, evolution, and mental health.
  2. Currently I’m seeking a chance to practice science writing. I’m delving into explaining complex topics, finding my voice, and choosing a beat (or obsession) to focus on. Perhaps later on, if I’m really lucky, I’ll find some fame and riches. For now I’ll try to have somewhat more reasonable expectations.
  3. A girl can dream! I hope my writing makes someone say “Aha!” or “Oooh, that’s neat” or even “Gross, why would nature ever do that?”.

Thanks for stopping by!


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